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Connecting home buyers and sellers with the nation's premier real estate agents
Lender Realty Network a Real Estate Concierge Service for Buyers and Sellers located in Kansas City Missouri

About Lender Realty Network

Lender Realty Network is a customer service focused company that connects pre-approved buyers with the nation's best real estate agents leading to a successful and transparent home purchase transaction for the lender, the real estate agent, and most importantly, for the home buyer seeking the American Dream.

What We Offer at Lender Realty Network

Why Choose Us

Lender Realty Network is a streamlined real estate platform for mortgage lenders to increase their application to closing ratios on prequalified/pre-approved home buying customers while enhancing the customer experience.

Our team of Transaction Coordinators are dedicated to building relationships with real estate agents, loan officers, home buyers and sellers. The team communicates with all parties throughout the home buying journey so that the transaction goes smoothly and all parties are happy.

We seamlessly integrate into our lender partner's lead management system and are able to customize a communication and follow up plan to meet each of our lender partner's expectations and goals. With over 12 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industry and countless successful closings, our team knows what it takes to convert pre-approved buyers to closed transactions, and we strive to make every lender, realtor, buyer and seller completely satisfied that they connected with Lender Realty Network!